Front Brake Disc for Polaris 925 RZR Pro XP4 Ultimate Sport 2020-2023

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Polaris 925 RZR Pro XP4 Ultimate 2020-2023
Polaris 925 RZR Pro XP4 Sport 2020-2023


  • Made from tempered 420 stainless steel for optimal performance and durability and can be used with any type of brake pad.
  • Wave design allows for better heat dissipation and water dispersion. Self ventilating system allows the rotor to cool down quickly and also ensures water & dirt are dispersed quickly.
  • Directly bolt on, no additional hardware necessary.
  • We marked the Min Thickness on the surface, it means you should replace the brake disc rotor when the thickness with Minimum Thickness to ensure save ridding.


Front Brake Disc
Outside Diameter: 262.5mm
Inside Diameter: 117mm
Thickness: 7.5mm
Hole Diameter: 15.2mm
Hole Spacing: 156.5mm