Wet Clutch Assy Clutch Shoe Carrier Assy Bearing Gasket Flange Nuts for Excalibur UTV500-4 / UTV700-4 / UTV700-5

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Clutch Flange Nuts

  • Brand new clutch nut kit, includes 3 flange nuts, M16 x 2pcs, M22 x 1pc.
  • Fit all carburetor and EFI engines.
  • Replaces OEM#:
  • 2 flange nut M16 (part number: 6172.1-16-1, 90179-16001-00).
  • 1 flange fut M22 (part number: 6172.1-22-2, 90179-22005-00).

Wet Clutch Shoe Carrier Assy & Gasket Kit

  • Brand new clutch carrier assy, includes clutch shoe carrier assy + gasket.

Wet Clutch Shoe Carrier Assy & One Way Bearing & Gasket Kit

  • Brand new clutch carrier assy, includes clutch shoe carrier assy + gasket + clutch one way bearing.
  • Replaces OEM#:
  • Clutch shoe carrier assy: Hisun: 21230-004-0000, 21230-F39-0000.
  • Gasket: Hisun: 21241-004-000, 21241-F39-000, 305700009.
  • Clutch one way bearing: Hisun: 21220-004-0000, 21220-f39-0000.
Only can be shipped to US now!
Wet clutch cover gasket material: rubber, leather, paper.
Wet clutch shoe carrier assy material: carbon steel.
Clutch one way bearing material: bearing steel.
We could sell all the parts individully, if any need, pls contact us.


Fit for

Bennche Bighorn 500, 700, 700HD, 700X-HD
Excalibur UTV500-4, UTV700-4, UTV700-5
Hisun UTV500, UTV700, ATV500, ATV700
MSU-500, MSU-700
Massimo Alligator 500, 700, 700-4
Menards Yardsport YS500, YS700
Qlink FrontRunner 500 EFI, 700 EFI, 700XL EFI
Supermach UTV500-BF-TL, UTV700-BF-TL
Yamaha Rhino 660 2004-2007
Yamaha Grizzly 660 2002-2008