ATV UTV Clutch Plate Kits For KAWASAKI KFX 450R 2008-2014

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  • All plates use organic, non-abrasive materials to avoid damage to rest of motor as plate materials break down and circulate through engine in the oil
  • Designed for more heat resisting, wear-resisting and durable
  • Paper based materials can absorb heat greatly and reduce the heat generated by friction
  • Steel plates offer longevity, durability and easy replacement

Package Included:

8x clutch friction plates---material: aramid fibre
7x steel separator plates---material: ST12 cold rolled sheet
6x clutch springs---material: 55CrSi spring steels

7pcs paper-based Plates size--OD:139mm(150mm With teeth), ID:116mm, Thickness:3mm, Teeth:12T
1pc paper-based Plates size--OD:139mm(150mm With teeth), ID:122mm, Thickness:3mm, Teeth:12T
Steel plates size--OD:139.8mm, ID:105mm(114mm With teeth), Thickness:1.6mm, Teeth:37T
springs size--OD:19mm, Height: 50mm, Turns:7.6