Clutch Basket & Plate Kits & Spring Kits For Many Makes and Models of ATV / UTV

Clutch Basket & Plate Kits & Spring Kits For Many Makes and Models of ATV / UTV

一、Clutch Basket

   It is bowl shaped basket which holds the entire clutch assembly.     It has teeth on the outer surfaces which fix on the primary drive teeth.  bolted onto the end of clutch shaft.

   High-quality 6061 aluminum round bar,  high structural toughness and accuracy.

   Anodic oxidation is wear-resistant, the force contact surface is not easy to be damaged.  Surface is smooth、texture is high-quality and symmetrical, no risk of debris. 

 二、Clutch Plates

1、Friction Plates

   The friction plate is ring shaped . It is the wear and tear part of the clutch assembly.

   friction plate surfaces interface between the clutch basket tangs and pressure plate. It has teeth on the outer surface.

   paper-based friction material for maximum durability with the best friction properties. low abrasion for a long service life.


2、 Steel Plates

steel plate is precisely manufactured by high-quality steel.  The surfaces of steel plate interface between pressure plate and clutch hub.

Mostly steel plates are durability.  It has teeth on the inside surface. These teeth are fixed on the clutch hub.


 三、Clutch Springs

   These springs continuously hold the friction and steel plates through spring tension. It also prevents slippage.

   Mostly motorcycle has five or more springs. For higher engine output stiffer or more springs are used. Spring sets with contact pressure and dimensions that correspond to the original.

  Also can be supplied as a complete set include Clutch Basket & Plates Kits